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Displayed is a selection of images celebrating the Cheetham Wetlands in Point Cook, Melbourne. The Cheetham Wetlands is a native parkland that is located around 20kms from the CBD and is home to numerous species of indigenous birds, wildlife and flora.

At various times throughout the day, the shifting colours of the wetlands change with the movement of the sun from gentle gold and lime to vibrant purple, rich red and burnished bronze. Accompanied by the breeze dancing through the grasses, there is a sense of constant movement and the sound of life all around you.

I found the wetlands to be a land of many faces, from the soft whispering grasses, to the giggling water flowing through the creek, with the prickly saltbush standing strong against the wind and rain. It’s a place of contrast and abstract beauty and today I would like to share just one element of this natural reserve.

This is a place of uniquely Australian life and beauty and we are in serious danger of losing it. During my time photographing this reserve, I couldn't help but feel the weight of the encroaching, and ever expanding housing estates, intruding upon my viewfinder and potentially stealing this delicate and serene sanctuary from future generations.

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