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"Docklands" 2014

Inspired by urban my surroundings it's an area I visit almost daily. Every day I see light, shadow, form, texture and repetition everywhere I turn throughout the buildings of the Docklands on the edge of Melbourne's CBD. While it's an area that's victim to a much criticism within our city, I feel that it has a strange abstract beauty.

On weekdays the area is moving with hundreds and thousands of people moving through the streets and buildings, but on the weekend the area is eerily silent and devoid of people with the exception of the occasional lost tourist, wondering how they arrived at this silent jungle and what's the fastest way to get back to civilisation. Walking through the vacant streets it's like I'm lost and alone, walking through a true concrete jungle.

There is a wonderful abstract nature to the buildings of the Docklands and it is this eerily silent nature that I have attempted to capture.

©2014 Jason Bran-Cinaed - Ravenfire Photography

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