Jason Bran-Cinaed is an emerging photographic artist who lives in Nuremberg, Germany.

Jason grew up in rural Victoria, Australia and was always a very creative person. Growing
up, he joined the Scouts where he found a love for the natural Australian
bushland. He began cooking at a very young age, first helping his mother bake
cakes and quickly moving on to more complex meals. Attending a Technical
High School, he studied woodwork, metalwork, cooking and photography.

This was to be the beginning of Jason’s photographic journey, experimenting
with film and darkroom development. Jason fell in love with the mysterious and
alchemical process of capturing a scene and developing a physically printed
image of what was seen. This process would have a strong influence on Jason
and would stay with him for life.

At age 15 Jason moved to Melbourne with aspirations of becoming a chef. He
immediately felt at home in the “Big City” and quickly found an apprenticeship in
a small Italian family restaurant. Over the next few years he trained as a chef
at various restaurants in Melbourne. Jason continued to work in the hospitality
industry for 8 years before looking for a career change.

Jason’s love for photography was re-awakened upon winning his first digital
camera during a work competition. However, it was whilst travelling through
Europe during Christmas of 2006, he decided to take his hobby to the next level
and pursue a career in photography.

Jason completed a Bachelor Degree at the Photography Studies
College in Melbourne, majoring in Commercial Photography.

Jason uses his camera as his main artistic medium, but also spends time
painting and writing. Jason is inspired by his urban surroundings and his love of
the earth and all her natural beauty. Jason’s photography and artistic eye has
been strongly influenced by his love of classic and contemporary art. His
influences include the Renaissance, the Impressionists, Cubism, Pop Art,
Surrealism, as well as photographers such as Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe,
Andre Kertesz, Andreas Feininger, Matthias Heiderich, Michael Salisbury, Eric
Schwabel and many others.

Jason primarily works in fine art and commercial photography and has been
commissioned to shoot fashion, product, editorial and landscapes images. His
personal projects include portraiture, still life, landscapes and cityscapes. Jason’s
work has also been published in the Herald Sun Home Magazine and he has
recently exhibited his "Grasslands" series in Melbourne.

In 2018, Jason relocated from Australia to Germany to begin a new photographic journey.